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The MT4 Power Punch EA

Profiting from Forex Market Behaviour

EASY and Reliable

Expert4x has been trading a particular price action phenomenon for a number of years now. If anything, this price action has become more reliable over time and those who are aware of it are literally printing money because of its reliability. This price action is no secret and has been mentioned by Expert4x a number of times. The concept is very simple and even a beginner can understand the dynamics of this price action. We have automated and tested an EA which allows this type of trade to be back tested to give users confidence when used into the future. The concept is extremely robust because it has the weight of the world's biggest financial markets pushing it.

How it works

Essentially while the US market is sleeping the European market has fun pushing the Forex Prices where they want them to go. Then suddenly the US market wakes-up and looks at what the UK market has been up to. How they react is what makes this EA work so well. In the majority of cases, when certain criteria is present, the US Market will get its heavy financial artillery out and give the Forex Prices a Power Punch to get them back to where they should be. So there it is – one of the simplest Forex Trading concepts ever. It is no secret – all experienced Forex traders know about this phenomenon. All we have done for you is automate the trade in an EA. Not only do the trades have a high success rate, but they also have a good return on risk ratio which is what every Forex trader wants.

It works for any currency but is obviously better for certain currencies. See the test results. Preset settings are supplied for the EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, AUDUSD, AUDJPY and the USDCAD. Click here or on the menu above to see the settings  SETTINGS

What is the trick ?

The trick to these trades however is:

  • What is the criteria that has to be met before this phenomenon happens?
  • What kind of Stops do you need during these trades?
  • What kind of Targets do you need during these trades?
  • Which currencies are the most reliable?

This new EA that answers the above questions automatically.

Training Supplied

Prior to your purchase you can review the training material available to users of the EA if you wish. This material (in the 3 links below) will explain the concept behind the EA and how to get the best out of the EA :-

Using Repeating Forex Market Behavior to trade the Market

Automating the Forex US Open Market Behavior Trade

Return on Risk factors when trading Forex Market Behavior

Typical results to be tested

  • 75% success rate with a 1:2 Risk Reward Ratio.
  • Only 15 trades in 3 months.
  • Over 1000 pips in 3 months.
  • Low $ drawdown.

powerpunch results


Results since the launch using the default settings

For Detailed results click here  -  DETAILED RESULTS

To summarize:

This EA is:-

  • Once setup it is completely automated
  • It is Set and Forget and can run for months without changes
  • It is simple requiring very few inputs to be made
  • Set files will be supplied

This is more or less what every trader is looking for.

The only downside is that there is on average only 5 trades a month per currency because of the strict entry criteria.

EA Support


Technical support

The EA is supplied by EAFactory and any technical questions or comments can be submitted directly to them - You will be supplied with contact details after your purchase. They deal with EA delivery, installation and ongoing performance of the EA.

Trading support

The trading technique has been conceptualized by Expert4x and besides the training material mentioned above, there is a forum where you can contact other traders as well as Expert4x. Email support is also available via the "Contact Us" facility above.

Purchase Here for $ 135

Purchase the PowerPunch EA which can be used as many times and on as many currencies as you like as long as the EA is not used on more than 2 computers. Existing Expert4x EA and Indicator owners can log into the EA factory website  (<click here) to gain access to the 50% discount PayPal buttons which you are entitled to as an existing Expert4x EA and Indicator client.

We also accept Bitcoin. You can use bitcoin to make your purchase. Please click on the Bitcoin picture for how you can do this

Some POWER PUNCH Trade Examples

Below are examples of trades generated by the EA since the recent launch. To ask questions and discuss these trades please visit our Forum



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